What Is a Design-Build Company?


Kitchen and bathroom remodels are common projects for many homeowners. However, the process can end up feeling like a hassle without the proper guidance and expertise throughout the project. Too many homeowners fall victim to remodeling companies who make the process more difficult by not providing the key services that can make a remodel fun and exciting.

What is a Design Build Company

Though they serve a similar purpose, a design-build company is quite different from a simple remodeling company. While a remodeling company is simply a means to an end, a design-build company provides a fully fleshed-out, in-depth experience that extends far beyond simple installation services. Many design-build companies have a detailed step-by-step process which allows customers to truly create the look they want and makes the process incredibly easy and hassle-free.

Common Tools Used By Design-Build Companies

The in-depth process offered by many design-build companies often involves the use of advanced and innovative visualization tools to aid in the design process. For example, 3D renderings of the remodeled space can help you see exactly what the changes will look like so that you what to expect from the final product. Moreover, design-build companies often have staff members who specialize in interior design and can provide expert advice on how to make the most of your new space, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Frey Construction is the Design-Build Company for You

After having learned more about design-build companies, you may be thinking that they are the ideal partner to help you achieve your remodeling project goals. If so, you need only turn to Frey Construction. We offer all of the services listed above at no extra charge and would be delighted to help you turn your vision for a new kitchen or bathroom into a reality. To get started, contact Frey Construction and set up a free, in-home consultation.