3D Visualizer

Bring Your Home Improvement Dreams to Life From The Comfort of Your Home

Frey Construction proudly offers the roofing industry’s most advanced 3D visualizing software.  This incredible tool allows you the opportunity to show not only a 2D, but also a 3D, visualization of your entire home and allows you to “try out” new colors and styles to see what works best for your home!

How It Works


Photos are captured using the HOVER APP and are automatically uploaded to the cloud. We ask you to take a minimum of 8 photos capturing every angle of the home and that's it for you.


Once the photos are uploaded, HOVER's patented technology transforms them into a fully measured and customizable 3D model. We notify you in the app or via email when your deliverables are ready.


Access all measurements on the interactive 3D model in the mobile app or online. You can also export all the measurements to a PDF or Excel file.


On the interactive 3D model you can use HOVER's design features to change the roof, siding, windows and much more. You can also share a link to this 3D model with others to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Start Here

For your FREE 3D design tool, complete our online form so that we can send you a link to download our roofing app.

Download the App

The easy to use app guides you through the entire process. The app then allows you to take photos of your home, and choose from different siding, roofing and window products with various style and color options.  If you want help with this step, schedule an appointment for us to do this for you for FREE and with no obligation to commit.

Make it Happen!

You will be able to schedule a FREE consultation to review your selections and see samples, as well as get a custom proposal from one of our Sales Consultants. Contact us today to get started!