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Frey Construction

Storm Damage Restoration Experts Proudly Serving the Greater Madison, WI Area

It’s bad enough when a nasty storm strikes your area and you see signs of damage throughout the neighborhood. And when your home has been affected, you could bein for a major headache. That’s where Frey Construction comes in. We offer storm damage restoration services throughout the greater Madison, Wisconsin, area to help homeowners get their roofs back to their former glory and stay protected from any further unpleasant surprises.

Our Storm Damage Roof Repair Service

Frey Construction will help you with two of the major pain points homeowners have when dealing with roof damage: inspecting it and dealing with the insurance company. First, when you call our team, we’ll get up on the roof for you and conducta thorough inspection. Once we know the condition of your roof, we’ll provide you with a repair estimate. Then, when it’s time to begin the insurance claim process, we will work with your insurance company to ensure your claim process goes as smoothly as possible with the end result you deserve. And once that’s taken care of,our craftsmen will get to work protecting your home with any necessary roof repairs

Contact Us Today for Your Roof’s Storm Damage Repair Needs.

Whether you’re dealing with a hail-damaged roof or the effects of whatever high winds blew into it, call on Frey Construction for the premier storm damage repair service in the greater Madison, WI, area. We’re ready to restore your roof to its former glory!

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