Vinyl windows Fitchburg, WI


Top-Tier Vinyl Windows for Fitchburg, WI, Homes

Vinyl Windows Fitchburg, WI

Frey Construction takes great pride in the quality of products we offer homeowners in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, which is why your search for the best vinyl windows around will bring you to us.

We have been locally owned and operated since our 1995 founding and have earned a rock-solid reputation as a result of our experience, great products, exceptional craftsmanship, and first-rate customer service.

An Impressive Combination of Wood and Vinyl Windows

Our most popular replacement window is Provia's Aeris line, which combines the best of wood and vinyl windows into one hybrid. The exterior is vinyl, which means it provides excellent insulation and energy efficiency while remaining virtually maintenance-free. But the interior is real hardwood, which makes for a beautiful, prestigious look that is hard to beat. The wood interiors can be stained or painted to match your preferences and suit your home’s aesthetic. This combination provided by Provia's Aeris windows is unique, as it allows you to enjoy both high performance and an attractive look.

Cost-Effective Vinyl Window Options

For an option that offers unbeatable value, consider Provia's Endure vinyl windows. These feature the same characteristics as the Aeris line, only without the wood interiors. The full-vinyl option remains highly energy efficient and low-maintenance, with charming visual appeal as well.

No Matter Which Option, Frey Construction Ensures Quality

Regardless of whether you choose Provia's Aeris or Endure window option for your Fitchburg home, you can expect high performance. Both types feature foam-filled sashes for added insulation, triple-pane glass to reduce heat transfer, and a high level of durability that will keep your home looking good and performing well for years to come. Especially in a climate like Wisconsin’s, it’s important to find vinyl windows that can withstand severe weather. For such a need, Frey Construction can be your go-to.

Our phenomenal window options will always be accompanied by flawless craftsmanship and personable service at installation. There’s a reason that nearly 70% of our business is from returning customers and their referrals.

For more information on having our vinyl windows installed at your home in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, contact Frey Construction today.