Vinyl windows Verona, WI


Great-Looking Vinyl Replacement Windows for Homeowners in Verona, WI

Vinyl Replacement Windows Verona, WI

Homeowners in Verona, Wisconsin, have confidently turned to Frey Construction for their vinyl replacement window needs since 1995, and it’s no wonder why. We not only offer beautiful Aeris and Endure windows from Provia but are also certified installers of them, ensuring that your new windows will perform up to the standard they were crafted for. We are confident in the work of our team, which is why we back our installations — and their existing manufacturer warranties — with a 15-year workmanship warranty.

Provia's Aeris: Combining the Best of Wood and Vinyl Replacement Windows

If you’re looking for an unbeatable mix of beauty and durability, look no further than our Aeris windows. What makes these windows so unique is that they are essentially a hybrid, with vinyl exteriors and wood exteriors. Their vinyl exteriors are durably constructed to withstand the test of time, meaning they will perform at a high level for years to come. The vinyl frames are better insulators than other materials, giving you energy efficiency like no other. Plus, vinyl is virtually maintenance-free, so you can benefit from all of these features with little upkeep.

And on the interior, you get the unrivaled beauty of real hardwood, which can be stained or painted any color to match your interior design preferences. Vinyl replacement windows provide an exterior beauty of their own, but there is nothing quite like the high-class look of wood.

Provia's Endure: Offering the Reliable Durability of Traditional Vinyl Replacement Windows

Our Endure windows offer the same outstanding benefits as the Aeris line, only without the wood interior. So, if you’re looking for the more traditional, cost-effective vinyl replacement window option, these are for you. They are very durable, with frames that won’t chip, crack, peel, or rot over time. That not only means the windows will last a long time, but also that they will continue to look great as well.

If you’re interested in having our vinyl replacement windows installed at your Verona home, contact Frey Construction today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.