Awnings Madison WI


Installing Eye-Catching Awnings for Madison, WI, Homeowners

If you have an outdoor area at your Madison, WI, home that is out in the open and left exposed to extreme sunlight and rainfall, new awnings might be in order. These eye-catching structures come with a wide range of advantages, especially when you partner with Frey Construction for your investment. We would be happy to flawlessly outfit your home with awnings that offer:

Eye-Catching Beauty

Regardless of its design, a new awning can provide your home’s exterior with an extra dimension of visual interest. But when you consider that you can find the perfect awnings to match your aesthetic preferences, that can do even more for the way you view your home’s beauty. Not to mention, the simple addition of an overhead structure can create a new level of design possibilities for your outdoor living space.

Energy Savings

A properly installed window awning can work wonders for your home’s energy performance. In many cases, you can lower your energy costs by up to 25% with the addition of an awning, as it provides shade right outside your window and tames the heat before it makes its way inside your home. And if your awning is retractable, you can close it during the wintertime to benefit from the extra warmth from the sunlight.

Added Comfort & Protection

Of course, one of the main reasons to have a new awning installed on your home is to provide your outdoor space with shade from the sun—and other elements that Mother Nature throws your way. With one of these structures giving you protection, you can enjoy your outdoor deck or patio in all kinds of weather without worry.

Find the Perfect Awnings to Suit Your Sense of Style Today

If you’re ready to add stunning new awnings to your Madison, WI, home, contact Frey Construction today. We would love to provide you with one of the Quick and Painless home improvement experiences that we’ve been known for since 1995.