Which Window Material Is Best?


Which Window Material Is Best?

Best Window Material Poynette WI

If the windows on your Poynette, Wisconsin, home aren’t working how you want them to, it may be time for an upgrade. Installing replacement windows comes with a world of benefits — better energy efficiency, easier maintenance, an improved appearance both inside and outside — but it also brings up questions such as which window material is best? While many homeowners focus on the type of glass or the style of window they want, it’s also important to consider what material the window frames are made of. From wood to vinyl, each window material has its own pros and cons, but, as no two homes — nor any two homeowners — are alike, the “best” material is ultimately the one that works best for your home.

Wood Windows

Windows have been made out of wood for centuries, and for many homeowners, wood is still the best option. As a window frame material, wood offers timeless elegance and natural beauty. What’s more, wood can also be painted or stained, which means that when you have wood-framed windows installed, you’re not married to one color or finish.


Vinyl has become the most popular window material for homes in the U.S. for a number of reasons. For starters, it is relatively inexpensive and offers good durability, and, since vinyl is a synthetic material, it can be manufactured in just about any color, size, shape, etc. Vinyl framed-windows also offer great insulation and are low maintenance.


One of the biggest pros of aluminum windows is the affordability. They are quite inexpensive, considering how durable they are, and, unlike vinyl windows, aluminum windows can be painted any color. However, since metal is a highly conductive material, aluminum windows don’t provide the best insulation, meaning they are most ideal for areas with warmer climates.


Fiberglass is becoming more and more popular because it offers the durability and low-maintenance of vinyl with the beautiful appearance of natural wood. The color and woodgrain options are plentiful, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding windows that complement your home, and fiberglass is a good insulator so you can expect improved energy efficiency.

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