What Is Energy-Efficient Glass?


Energy-efficient glass is a term used to refer to the glass in the double- or triple-glazed replacement windows that are manufactured nowadays. Other terms such as “low-emissivity” or simply “Low-E” glass denote a certain type of energy-efficient glass. However, a window without a low-emissivity glass rating may still qualify as an “energy-efficient” window, depending on which region of the country you live in.

In a general sense, windows comprised of energy-efficient glass feature two or more separate panes of glass, each separated by a gas fill that acts as an invisible insulator to slow the transmission of heat through the window. Argon and krypton are among the most popular gases used in replacement windows. Furthermore, many types of energy-efficient glass are coated with microscopic layers of silver or other reflective metals. By reflecting the sun’s rays and the accompanying heat, rather than allowing it to enter your home, these invisible coatings help your home maintain a more consistent and comfortable interior temperature.

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