What Are the Benefits of Low-E Glass?


If you’ve been shopping around for replacement windows for your home in Baraboo, Wisconsin, or a nearby area, you’ve probably come across the term Low-E glass. But what exactly does this mean? And what kind of benefits can you expect when you install windows with Low-E glass?

What Are the Benefits of Low-E Glass? Baraboo WI

For starters, the term Low-E denotes glass that has “low-emissivity,” meaning that it will only allow a small amount of heat to pass through the glass pane. Low-E glass is made by applying many microscopic layers of silver or other reflective metals to the surface of the glass. Because these layers of metal are so thin (thinner than a human hair!) they are transparent, but thanks to a special design, they allow the maximum amount of visible light through the window while reflecting unwanted ultraviolet and infrared light and the heat that comes with it.

As far as benefits go, this can make your home feel much more comfortable year-round as it will be easier for your HVAC system to maintain a more consistent interior temperature. Moreover, lessening your HVAC’s workload will prolong its lifespan and might even reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Installing windows with Low-E glass is also a great idea if you plan to sell your home any time soon. In today’s eco-friendly, energy-conscious world, windows with Low-E glass are a major selling point.

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