Are There Different Types of Low-E Glass?


Low-E glass is a particular type of glass used in the manufacture of energy-efficient windows. The moniker “Low-E” means that the glass has a low rate of emission, and that’s just a fancy way of saying that when heat comes in contact with the surface of the glass, the heat bounces off rather than passing through it. This applies to heat both inside and outside your home. So, in the winter time, when you’ve cranked up your furnace and your home is full of warm air, the low-E glass will stop that heated air from escaping. Likewise, in the summer, the low-E glass will prevent the hot outside air from passing through the windows and into your air-conditioned home. Low-E glass is made by applying super-thin, microscopic layers of metal to the surface of the glass which reflects the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them. This is a general overview of low-E glass, but there are a few different types of low-E glass that work slightly differently.

Passive vs. Solar Control

There two main types of low-E glass, known as “passive” and “solar control.” While both types of glass are designed to allow the maximum amount of visible light to pass through, passive low-E glass will also allow some of the sun’s heat to enter through the window. This type of glass is ideal for cooler climates because it allows the solar heat to actually help warm the home, lessening the strain on the heating system and potentially reducing energy costs. Solar control low-E glass, on the other hand, is designed to reflect this solar heat but still allow in as much visible light as possible. As you may have guessed, solar control low-E glass is a better option for warmer climates where extra heat from the sun is not needed, and usually not wanted, by the homeowner.

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