What is the most durable siding?


What Is the Most Durable Siding Option?

What is the Most Durable Siding?

When browsing the market for new siding options, one of most homeowners’ chief concerns is durability. After all, siding that effectively encases the home protects it from the harshest elements. So, of all the various types of siding out there, which is the most durable option?

There are a number of strong siding materials available today. Vinyl is a more affordable option that won’t need to be repainted to maintain its beauty. Fiber cement siding is another tough material that can easily withstand the unforgiving Wisconsin weather. However, the siding that outperforms all of these choices in terms of durability is steel siding. In fact, when you have new steel siding installed on your home, you won’t ever need to worry about replacing your home’s siding again!

The Importance of the Installation

Of course, the siding’s material won’t do much good in terms of durability if it isn’t installed properly. That’s why you should also consider the reputation and track record of the company that installs it for you. If you want to get the most out of your new siding, the installer should have ample experience working with the material, and may even offer a warranty to back their workmanship.

If you’re ready to have durable new siding installed on your home, turn to Frey Construction. We are proud to offer steel siding, as well as a range of other durable options including vinyl, fiber cement, and engineered wood. A member of our team would be glad to go over the options with you. To get started, contact us today!