Steel Siding - Middleton, WI


Seamless Steel Siding Installed on Homes in Middleton, WI & Surrounding Cities

Steel Siding Middleton WI

Seamless steel siding can offer a number of great benefits for your home in the Middleton, Wisconsin, area, especially if it is installed by the professionals at Frey Construction. This is because not only do we offer outstanding products, but we also take great care to ensure that they are flawlessly installed to the highest standards.

Throughout the Middleton, WI, area, you may have seen our steel siding outfitting countless homes, but may not have realized they were attached to the Frey name. Our metal siding is so popular among area residents because of its:

  • Seamlessness – Our seamless steel siding design eliminates having to bring together many short segments resulting in seams, which are often where dirt and moisture can gather.
  • Resistance to bugs and fire – Steel is both nonflammable and not susceptible to insect infestations, unlike wooden counterparts.
  • Utmost strength against storms – Whether we experience hailstorms, torrential downpours, or high-speed winds, your siding will remain strong and true against what Mother Nature throws your home’s way.

Along with steel siding, we also offer fiber cement and vinyl options, affording you a wide selection of great products we stand behind fully. Whichever siding option you decide on, we will install it flawlessly. We are so sure of our exceptional installations that we back them with our 15-year workmanship warranty. Over the course of these 15 years, we will also check back in with you periodically to make sure that you remain satisfied with our products and quality of work.

To speak with one of our representatives about the variety of benefits that our steel siding and other cladding options can offer you, contact us today. We serve residents throughout Middleton, WI, and neighboring areas.