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Seamless Steel Siding Offers a Number of Benefits to Homeowners in Madison, WI

Steel Siding Madison WI

As a Wisconsin resident, you know all about the climate we experience in this region year in and year out. It can be quite harsh to both extremes, which is why it can sometimes feel difficult to properly prepare your home to handle such conditions. Especially when it comes to siding, you might wonder if there is any plausible option out there that can provide your home with proper protection while also giving it a special visual appeal that helps it stand apart from other homes on the block. Well, we’re happy to tell you that we have good news.

New steel siding should meet every criterion you have in terms of energy efficiency, durability, and beauty. This is one of the more beloved siding types because of the excellent combination of visual appeal and performance that it provides. But when you begin your search for the perfect steel cladding for your home in the Madison, Wisconsin, area, you may realize that not all of the options offered by the countless companies serving the region are created equal. When it comes to investing in new steel siding that you can feel 100% confident about, there’s no better team to partner with than Frey Construction.

What You Can Expect From Your Investment in Our Steel Siding

With us, you will find seamless steel siding that offers it all. Not only will it enhance the aesthetic of your home, but it also addresses the concerns you have with thermal performance and strength. Our steel siding offers various advantages that are especially beneficial if you live in the Madison area, as it:

  • Resists damage from hail and other storm debris
  • Retains its vibrant shade well into the future
  • Has insulating properties that will reduce heat transfer and potentially lower energy costs
  • Is finished with a low-maintenance Teflon™ veneer that will help it shed dust and look its best
  • Is installed with a hearty layer of Tyvek® house wrap underneath to further insulate a home

And, as our steel siding is seamless, it eliminates the many unsightly and oftentimes weak seams that characterize other cladding in the region.

Enjoy Unrivaled Siding Installation Expertise When You Partner With Us

When you team with Frey Construction for your investment in steel siding, you’ll be thrilled by the workmanship our team has to offer. For us, it’s all about precision. To ensure that we outfit your home with the best possible protection, we take exact measurements of your house and then proceed to fabricate long, unbroken pieces of steel siding that will constitute your home’s new exterior. The craftsmanship of our installers is impeccable, and we have the utmost confidence that you’ll see that firsthand. In fact, we believe so much in our team that we proudly back all of the installations we perform with an amazing 15-year warranty. That way, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind you’re after when making such a big investment.

Start Your Steel Siding Project Today

Since 1995, Frey Construction has been a home improvement authority serving those in Madison, WI, and nearby cities. To see for yourself why our steel siding is so popular among savvy homeowners in the region, contact us today.