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Compared to Other Siding Installers Serving Fitchburg, WI, Frey Construction Consistently Comes Out on Top

Siding Installers Fitchburg WI

When some siding installers serving Fitchburg, Wisconsin, and surrounding cities may simply meet the standards set by the industry, Frey Construction continuously goes above and beyond to exceed them. We understand a home is one of our client’s most prized investments, which is why we go about beautify homes with the greatest care and professionalism.

In terms of providing top-rated siding products and precise, meticulous service, we’ve got the other siding installers beat. Some of the distinctions that make us such a popular company in the Fitchburg, WI, area, include:

  • The fact that we have offered Quick and Painless home improvements since our founding back in 1995
  • Our wide assortment of siding options that include steel, vinyl, and fiber cement siding, crafted by some of the top manufacturers like James Hardie
  • Our coveted A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which serves as a testament to Frey’s dedication to our clients’ needs

Additionally, installation of new cladding will be in the hands of some of the best siding installers in the business. As such, we are not afraid to back our work with an iron-clad 15-year workmanship warranty. On top of that, we will check back in with you over the course of these 15 years to make sure you remain as satisfied down the line as you are the day installation completes.

Contact Frey Construction today for more information regarding the ways we outshine all other siding installers serving Fitchburg, WI, and nearby cities.