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Premium House Siding Available to Residents in Fitchburg, WI & Nearby Cities

House Siding Fitchburg WI

When it comes to house siding available in the Fitchburg, Wisconsin, area, you’ll have a nearly impossible time finding options that compare to the high-end cladding found at Frey Construction. We are a premier home improvement provider that has thrived since our establishment in 1995, in no small part thanks to our strides to offer only the best in products and service.

Our clients love that when they come to us, they are given the opportunity to choose between beautiful, strong, and energy-efficient materials. For wise homeowners in Fitchburg, WI, and nearby cities, we offer house siding crafted with premium:

  • Steel – Our seamless steel siding is a great option that is geared to withstand the harsh weather we experience in the region.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl siding is a smart investment that does not need to be painted or scraped to keep it looking its best down the line.
  • Fiber cement – Our fiber cement siding boasts the beauty of real wood, but fortunately is more weather resistant and longer lasting than this natural material.

No matter which of our house siding options you find fits your needs perfectly, Frey Construction goes above and beyond to help maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Underneath your cladding, we will install insulating Tyvek® house wrap. This, paired with our exceptional house siding, will help to limit heat that would otherwise infiltrate and escape your home, which will give your home’s HVAC system a bigger break as it cycles to warm or cool the indoors. This lessened energy usage can potentially lead to savings reflected on your monthly power bills.

To learn more about how other options offered by competitors pale in comparison to the house siding you’ll find at Frey Construction, contact us today. We love partnering with residents throughout Fitchburg, WI, and surrounding cities.