Fiber Cement Siding - Sauk City WI


Fiber Cement Siding for Sauk City, WI, Homeowners

Fiber cement siding is a great option to consider for your home in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Whether your existing siding is warped, rotting, falling off, or missing in places, you can count on fiber cement siding to put an end to all of these problems. At Frey Construction, we’ve been providing homeowners with new siding and other home improvement products since 1995, and we’d be happy to provide you with Quick and Painless installation services.

Fiber Cement House Siding

Fiber cement offers great durability and an attractive profile, making it a popular option. Our fiber cement siding comes from James Hardie®, a renowned brand known for their Hardie Board® siding that is:

  • Durable – Hardie Board siding is made from a mixture of cement and wood fibers that creates an exceptionally strong material. You can expect fiber cement siding to stand the test of time on your home.
  • Attractive profile – Fiber cement can emulate the look and style of natural wood in a way that other siding materials can’t. For a more natural and attractive profile on your home’s exterior, it is the way to go.
  • Great performance – Fiber cement holds up well in all types of weather, is fire resistant, and won’t rot over time.

While the upfront costs of fiber cement siding may be higher than other types, many homeowners find it worthwhile thanks to the ideal combination of features it offers.

If you’re interested in having fiber cement siding installed on your home in Sauk City, WI, contact Frey Construction today.