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Frey’s Quick & Painless Remodels - 5 Alternatives to Granite for Your Kitchen Countertops

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Most kitchen remodels include a countertop upgrade. And once upon a time, it was all about granite, but nowadays there is a world of other options. Here are five alternatives to granite for your kitchen countertops that can help you design your dream kitchen.

  1. Recycled Glass – These countertops are composed of about 85 percent recycled glass, making them a popular choice for homeowners who are more environmentally conscious. The colored bits of glass in the finish create a mosaic effect that would work wonderfully in a Craftsman or Mediterranean style kitchen.
  2. Quartz – Nowadays, most quartz countertops are not actual slabs of natural stone but engineered from ground quartz (about 94 percent) and reinforced with polyester resins. These resins are what make the countertops nonporous and stain and scratch resistant, and because modern quartz countertops come from factories rather than quarries, you can find them in virtually every color or stone finish imaginable.
  3. Soapstone – Soapstone is a metamorphic rock, like granite, but whereas granite resists stains, soapstone is more susceptible to them. Soapstone also has more of a matte finish than granite, but that lack of luster will cost you, as soapstone countertops will run you about $20 more per square foot than granite or quartz.
  4. Marble – Marble is perfect for giving your kitchen that timeless, classic beauty, and while some rare kinds of marble will cost you an arm and a leg, other kinds, like Carrera marble, are actually more affordable than granite or quartz. However, marble is softer than these other stones and can scratch and stain, so if your kitchen countertops take a beating, marble may not be for you.
  5. Limestone – Limestone offers a look that is more sophisticated than other natural stone. A favorite of masons for centuries because it’s so easy to work with, limestone countertops are more affordable than marble or granite but require regular upkeep to keep their lustrous beauty.

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