Kitchen Remodel - Sun Prairie, WI


Spice Up Your Sun Prairie Kitchen without a Full Remodel

Kitchen Remodel Sun Prairie WI

Frey Construction knows kitchens. We’ve been designing and building custom kitchens for more than 20 years and we’re here with some tips on how to freshen up your Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, home with a Quick and Painless kitchen makeover. In lieu of a full kitchen remodel, you can make some meaningful yet relatively easy surface changes to your kitchen and still achieve a dramatically different look.

Today we’re talking about countertops. You can give your kitchen a quick makeover by upgrading the countertops. As the main functional surface area, your countertops play a big role in the way your kitchen looks and operates and changing them up can go a long way toward making your whole kitchen feel new and recharged. If you have older wooden countertops, swap them out for some high-end natural stone. Or, if you love your granite countertops but are just ready for a change, try something cool and modern like marble or quartz for a look that sure to shake things up. Consider the following options:


Laminate countertops are super budget-friendly and nowadays you can find them in a bunch of different finishes like stone, woodgrain, and quartz. So, if you want a look that’s more high-end, but easy on the pocketbook, some shiny new laminate countertops might be your best bet.


The most popular choice among homeowners for years now, traditional polished granite countertops are never a bad idea. Long-lasting, stylish, and can easily be made in a variety of configurations, granite countertops are an old steady for many a good reason.


Butcher block style wood countertops are a great option if you want something a little different for your kitchen. Offering a warm, cottagey charm, wooden countertops are super inviting and make you just want to be in the kitchen rolling out a loaf of bread or baking a pie from scratch.

To complete your quick makeover, you can paint or stain your cabinets to go with your new countertops. Consider dark, espresso cabinets and light-toned marble, or clean white cabinets and shiny black granite. The combos are virtually endless, and we can show you our product offerings during a free consultation.

Contact Frey Construction today. We can transform your Sun Prairie kitchen with a full kitchen remodel, or simply make some Quick and Painless upgrades to shake things up a bit.