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Kitchen Remodel Contractors Available for Homeowners Living in Madison, WI & All Nearby Communities

Kitchen Remodel Madison WI

Frey Construction can help make your kitchen remodel project a success in Madison or any nearby community in Wisconsin. Since 1995, our award-winning designers and highly experienced craftsmen have brought the dreams and visions of countless homeowners to life and ensured that they were “tickled pink” with the results. Whether you just want a fresh face on your existing cabinetry, or want to completely reshape your kitchen space to accommodate changed circumstances in your lifestyle, the kitchen remodel experts of Frey Construction are here to help.

All of our kitchen makeovers begin with the design process, because we believe that the design work is the soil from which your dream space will bloom. Our seasoned designers meet with every client to fully understand his or her desires for the finished space. We then provide the client with an accurate architectural rendering of the proposed kitchen remodel project, as well as a detailed accounting of where every penny of the project is scheduled to be spent. The client then has the opportunity to adjust the scope of the project or the materials used in order to stay within his or her budget constraints.

Some of the kitchen renovations we can assist homeowners in the Madison area with include:

  • Installing new countertops and backsplashes
  • Adding a food-prep island and sink
  • Moving appliances to make more efficient use of the existing space
  • Expanding the kitchen to include a larger seating area
  • And more

For more information on our kitchen remodel services and how we can help improve your kitchen space in Madison, WI, or any nearby community, contact Frey Construction today.