Kitchen Layouts - Madison, WI


Creative Kitchen Layouts for Homeowners in Madison, WI


It’s fun to look at different kitchen layouts and imagine how they could work in your home. But, would they really work for your lifestyle? What if the infrastructure of your home didn’t accommodate those designs?

At Frey Construction in Madison, Wisconsin, we are passionate about helping homeowners like you develop the perfect kitchen layouts for their homes, ultimately creating spaces that are ideally suited for the families that use them. We don’t use generic plans – instead, we develop unique kitchen layouts for each client, after we spend substantial time with that client and gain a thorough understanding of his or her needs and wants. Some of the things we keep in mind include:

  • Are there mobility or access issues to consider?
  • Does the homeowner entertain guests often?
  • Are there plumbing or electrical issues to take into account?
  • Does the homeowner want to add storage or counter space?

Once we know those things, we can develop a construction plan. We also present the homeowner with a detailed accounting of where every penny on the proposed project will be spent. The homeowner can then make adjustments to ensure that the final tally is in line with his or her budget.

Once everything is set, our crews will get to work creating that space you have envisioned, and we won’t leave until you’re satisfied with the result. Your satisfaction is our success.

To learn more about how our kitchen layouts differ from more generic options, or to see samples of other work we have done for clients in or near Madison, WI, contact Frey Construction today.