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Two Upgrades to Discuss with a Kitchen Designer Serving Middleton, WI & All Surrounding Cities

Kitchen Designer Middleton WI

Speak with a kitchen designer if you want to declutter your kitchen, making more room for seating and storage. When you get in contact with reputable remodeling companies serving Middleton, Wisconsin, and all nearby cities, a design consultant can pay a visit to your home to assess your kitchen. From there, they can make their recommendations about new layouts that can maximize your current available space or discuss an expansion, and how either of these possibilities can lead to more seating and storage.

A kitchen designer can discuss how more seating room can be great for busy, multitasking families in the Middleton, WI, area. If you want a place for your family and friends to sit and chat with you while you prepare your favorite meals, then a raised breakfast bar or a custom kitchen island can accommodate them. These new seating areas can also be used as makeshift workspaces for kids to complete their homework while they wait for dinner or for you to get some work done while food cooks in the oven or on the stove. An island and a countertop bar are also great for quick, on-the-go meals when in a hurry.

Along with incorporating more seating in your kitchen, a designer can also introduce storage solutions that can make room for all your kitchen essentials. You can speak to a kitchen designer about incorporating new wall-mounted cabinets, shelves, and a pantry closet, or more countertops to use as needed so you can set out snacks, prepare food, and unpack your groceries.

If you’d like to speak with an award-winning kitchen designer about creating more seating for your friends and family or storage for your kitchen items, contact the trusted remodeling experts serving Middleton, WI, and the surrounding area: Frey Construction.