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Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchens – Transform Your Middleton, WI, Kitchen

Kitchen Design Ideas Middleton WI

Renovating a small kitchen requires coming up with design ideas that are somewhat outside the box. Small kitchens, while short on space, present a unique challenge for you as a homeowner and any designer or remodeler you might hire, but it’s a challenge that can be met. Even though your space may be small, there are a number of design ideas you can think about and work into your kitchen layout to improve the functionality and appearance of your space.

For example, some space-saving kitchen design ideas for small kitchens you can consider include:

  • Using the often neglected space on your upper walls by adding shelving or stacked cabinets around the room
  • Finding ways to enlarge the space visually, even if you can’t do it physically. For example, add a mirrored backsplash or other elements to trick the eye into thinking the space is larger.
  • Incorporating a breakfast bar and stools along a countertop instead of adding a kitchen island, which can take up large amounts of real estate in your kitchen
  • Opting for a light color scheme, as light and bright colors can make spaces look larger than they actually are

It’s important to think about these types of kitchen design ideas and how they could be implemented into your Middleton, WI, home. However, if the thought of doing the work yourself has you overwhelmed, you can turn to the trusted professionals at Frey Construction for help. Since 1995, we’ve helped residents throughout Central Wisconsin remodel their kitchens, small or large. To learn more about how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams, contact Frey Construction today.