Kitchen Remodeling - Fitchburg, WI


For Your Kitchen Remodeling Needs in Fitchburg, WI, Call Frey Construction

Kitchen Remodeling Fitchburg WI

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, then it’s time to call Frey Construction. We have served homeowners in the area since 1995, providing Quick and Painless Home Improvements time and time again, and amassing a long list of satisfied customers. From small galley kitchens to large spaces used for cooking and dining, we have undertaken kitchen remodeling projects of all shapes and sizes, and can say with confidence that no job is too big or too small for us to handle.

No matter the size of the project, our process always begins the same way – by listening to the client. Our award-winning designers want to first know how the homeowner intends to use the remodeled space, and want to gain an understanding of what lifestyle factors may come into play. Once we know the backstory, we develop the construction plans, as well as a detailed accounting of where every penny is being spent. Our clients then have the freedom to make adjustments to the plan, whether in the materials used or the scope of the kitchen remodeling effort, all in order to make sure the final result fits within their budgets.

Common remodeling projects in Fitchburg, WI, include:

  • Adding or reconfiguring cabinets
  • Moving appliances, sinks, etc.
  • Adding or changing counter space
  • Expanding the kitchen area to accommodate a dining table

To learn more about the kitchen remodeling projects we can do in Fitchburg, WI, call Frey Construction today.