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Keep Your Spring Green, WI, Home Comfortable With the Addition of Spray-In Insulation

Spray-in insulation packed into an attic

As a resident of Spring Green, Wisconsin, you know all too well what the climate is like. Frigid winters and warm summers are the norm around here and, in some ways, that can be enjoyable. But when it’s not enjoyable is when the outside temperatures impact the comfort levels inside your home. If the cold winter air is making its way into your bedroom while you’re trying to sleep comfortably or the hot and muggy air is making your family game nights unbearable, you could stand to invest in spray-in insulation. This type of home insulation is known to help prevent heat transfer into and out of your home, and when it comes to investing in it, there’s no better company to turn to than Frey Construction.

What Is Spray-In Insulation?

Many homeowners throughout the U.S. find spray-in insulation—or polyurethane foam—to be a helpful addition to their homes. But what exactly is it and how does it work? Well, it’s a spray-applied plastic that is designed to provide homes and buildings with boosts in energy efficiency. The way it’s made is by mixing chemicals to create a foam that can be sprayed into attics, ceilings, walls, and floors. And because this foam expands as much as it does and fills cracks and voids the way other types of home insulation can’t, it can have a significant impact when it comes to reducing heat transfer as well as air infiltration.

By having spray-in insulation installed, you can expect less strain on your HVAC system as it works to keep your home’s interior temperature comfortable throughout the year, plus you may even save on your monthly heating and cooling costs. In a climate like the one we have in Spring Green, this can be a make a big difference.

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