Insulation Company - Prairie du Sac, WI


The Preferred Insulation Company Serving Prairie du Sac, WI

Insulation is critical to maintaining an energy-efficient home, which is why it’s so important to work with an insulation company that has boundless experience and a selection of high-quality products that meet your needs. If you’re located in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, or a surrounding area, the company that matches that description is Frey Construction. Our insulation services have been satisfying homeowners since 1995!

A Variety of Insulation Options

Frey Construction works to meet the needs of every client. That’s why we offer several insulation options that include:

Spray Foam Insulation

Our spray foam insulation is ideal for small spaces found in your attic or crawl space. When installed, spray foam insulation expands and fills in the surrounding space, preventing air from leaking in or out. This leads to superior energy efficiency for your home.

Wall Insulation

We also offer spray foam polyurethane insulation that is specially designed for insulating your walls. Our wall insulation is able to effortlessly fit into small areas and fill them in, leading to better energy efficiency and noise prevention.

Cellulose Fiber Insulation

Cellulose fiber insulation is an effective option for your home’s floors, attic, walls, and other spaces. Plus, it is an eco-friendly option that still boasts exceptional insulative properties.

Few Insulation Contractors Can Compare

If you are interested in any of these insulation options, contact Frey Construction today. We’d love to answer any questions you have about our products and schedule a free consultation at your home in Prairie du Sac, WI.