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The Room Addition Specialists to Partner With for Your Cross Plains, WI, Home’s Add-On

Room Addition Cross Plains WI

Have you run out of space at your home in Cross Plains, Wisconsin? If so, the answer to that problem doesn’t have to be moving to a new house. Instead, you can turn to Frey Construction for a wonderful room addition project. You know you can trust us with the job, as we have been serving homeowners throughout the state with Quick and Painless home improvements since 1995. Plus, as a design-build company, we will be there for you throughout the entire process, from design all the way through to completion. The result? A new space that not only looks great but also serves as a way to make your home feel less cramped!

Starting Your Room Addition Project With a Great Design

Because Frey Construction is a design-build company, all of our projects start from the design side. So, when you turn to us for a room addition, you can expect the process to begin with a thorough consultation, during which you can share your vision, wants, and needs with our talented team of designers. Once we have an idea of what you want, we can present our suggestions to you and turn our discussion into formal plans, as well as a 3D rendering of what your new room will look like. Once you approve the plan, we can start the construction process.

Flawlessly Turning Your Room Addition Dreams Into Reality

Even after the plans for your room addition project have been put together, you may not feel like it’s 100% real. That is, not until the construction team gets to work. You can be sure that our team of seasoned professionals will flawlessly carry out the plans that you put together with our design team. Our expert craftsmen have been in the industry for a long time and are among the best around, plus they will be under the direction of a project manager, who will ensure that your project’s plans are brought to life without a hitch.

To learn more about our expert craftsmanship and how we can put it to use for a room addition at your Cross Plains, WI, home, contact Frey Construction today.