Seamless Gutters - Sun Prairie, WI


Seamless Gutters Designed to Handle the Sun Prairie, WI, Climate

Close-up of a seamless gutter system

If you feel like your Sun Prairie home is ill-prepared to handle the Wisconsin climate, outfitting it with new seamless gutters from Frey Construction is a smart route to take. Having us install a new gutter system is the perfect way to safeguard your home from unmanaged rainfall or snowmelt, which can cause significant and costly damage to your home’s roof, soffit, fascia, foundation, and landscaping if not properly funneled away. As the area’s premier home construction company since 1995, we’re known both for the quality of our products and the phenomenal workmanship we provide along with them. That’s part of the reason why we have such a long list of satisfied customers that stretches over the years.

What Makes Our Proprietary Seamless Gutters Right for Your Home?

The Frey Construction team knows all too well how harsh Wisconsin’s climate can be. That’s why we’ve developed our own seamless gutter system, one that takes into account the unique dynamics of the weather patterns we experience in this region. The ultimate goal is to have you feeling secure and confident in your home’ preparedness the next time a storm rolls into the area. That’s why these gutters feature:

  • Seamless construction – Sectional gutters are weakest at their seams, which is why seamless gutters are so popular. These systems provide better durability and less risk for cracks and leaks that can impact your system and cause problems for your home.
  • A raised backsplash – With a raised rear edge, these gutters prevent water from spilling back onto your roof’s decking and causing damage to the underlayment.
  • Extra volume – These K-style gutters carry 40% more water than your average gutter systems, which is more than enough capacity to handle even the heaviest rainfall we see in Wisconsin.

Invest in New Seamless Gutters for Your Home Today

If you’re ready to enhance your Sun Prairie, WI, home’s storm preparedness by investing in new seamless gutters, reach out to the experts at Frey Construction today.