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Our Seamless Gutters Can Handle the Lodi, WI, Climate

Seamless Gutters Lodi WI

Is your Lodi, Wisconsin, home properly prepared to handle heavy storms? Perhaps your home’s roof is in great shape and your siding, windows, and doors are impact resistant. If that’s the case, then great. However, don’t neglect protecting your home with durable gutter systems. When you partner with Frey Construction for new seamless gutters, you’ll find that these systems are perfect for safeguarding your home against unmanaged rainfall or snowmelt that can cause major damage to your roof, soffit, fascia, and landscaping. If you’re ready to enhance the storm preparedness of your home, we’d love to help you the way we’ve been helping countless homeowners in the area since 1995.

What Makes Our Proprietary Seamless Gutters the Perfect Investment?

At Frey Construction, we know all too well how Wisconsin’s climate can be. For that reason, we’ve developed our own seamless gutter system. Our system takes into account the unique dynamics of our weather patterns, with the ultimate goal of providing you with peace of mind the next time a storm rolls into the area. These gutters feature:

  • Seamless construction – Seams are the weakest points of sectional gutters. That’s why seamless gutters are so popular, as they offer better durability and a lesser risk for cracks and leaks that can lead to damage of various aspects of your home.
  • A raised backsplash – These gutters possess a raised rear edge, which prevents water from spilling back onto your roof’s decking and damaging the underlayment.
  • Impressive volume – Our K-style gutters carry 40% more water than your average gutter systems, so you can expect them to effortlessly handle the amount of rainfall we experience in Wisconsin.

Add New Seamless Gutters to Your Lodi, WI, Home Today

If you think your Lodi, WI, home could benefit from the installation of new seamless gutters, contact Frey Construction today.