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High-End Gutter Guards Available in Verona, WI & Surrounding Cities

Gutter Guards Verona WI

Homeowners throughout the Verona, Wisconsin, area find that gutter guards are great investments if they want to ensure that their gutters run efficiently well into the future. This is because gutters channel water away that could otherwise cause damage to the roof or carve depressions into the soil, and gutters cannot perform their job effectively if something is obstructing water flow. This is where gutter guards come into play, and you will find the most impressive selection of these systems at Frey Construction.

Our gutter guards have one simple but very important job: to keep gutters free of debris that will either slow or stop water flow. That means that seed pods, burying animals or bugs, leaves, and sticks won’t be allowed beyond the cover and into the gutter system. In addition to completing this task flawlessly, our gutter covers also:

  • Are manufactured by Leafproof®, one of the most trusted names in the gutter industry
  • Are designed to handle 11 inches of rain per hour, an impressive feat when you consider that this is the most rainfall ever recorded in America
  • Won’t cause damage to the roof deck, as our gutter covers attach to the gutters and are not screwed or nailed to the roofing system
  • Are constructed with strong .024-gauge aluminum, a material that is both long lasting and weather resistant

If you want an entirely new and more effective system for your home in Verona, WI, we also install our high-performance gutters in addition to our gutter guards. Frey creates the Absolute gutter system. These gutters handles 40 percent more water than other standard systems found with our competitors.

The home improvement professionals at Frey Construction look forward to speaking with you about the many advantages our gutter guards afford. Contact us today if you’re interested in making sure your gutters are performing at maximum efficiency on your home in Verona, WI, or a nearby city.