Gutter Guards - Middleton, WI


Gutter Guards Will Help Keep Debris Out of the Gutters on Your Home in Middleton, WI

Gutter Guards Middleton WI

Frey Construction offers Leafproof® gutter guards for homeowners in the Middleton, Wisconsin, area who are interested in getting the most out of their gutter systems. Without a gutter cover, debris such as twigs, seedpods, and leaves can get into your gutter system and obstruct water flow, preventing your gutters from doing their important job of channeling water effectively away from your home. Water could build up, splash onto the roofing system, or carve depressions into the soil – so if you want to take steps to prevent these problems down the line, then gutter guards are a great investment.

And, you’ll have complete confidence that you will receive some of the most impressive products available in Middleton, WI, when you partner with Frey Construction. Our Leafproof® gutter guards are:

  • Fitted on top of the gutters, not screwed or nailed onto the roofing system
  • Constructed with .024-gauge aluminum that can handle heavy snowfall and downpours
  • Covered with Frey’s amazing 15-year workmanship warranty

If you want to take it a step further and make your entire gutter system all the more effective, in addition to one of our gutter guards, you can also have our Absolute gutters installed on your home. These products are the brainchild of Frey Construction, as we personally understand the conditions and weather patterns we face in the region. It features a raised back edge that butts against the house and prevents water from spilling on the roof. Amazingly, our gutters can handle 40 percent more water than other K-style gutters on the market.

For more information about the gutter guards and gutter systems we install on residences across Middleton, WI, and surrounding cities, contact us today. We also would be more than happy to discuss our other services, our company as a whole, or the financing options we offer to qualified homeowners.