Window Replacement with a WOW Factor


Before and after photos can elicit a real WOW. Then again, before and after photos of WINDOWS…? Chances are, you’re thinking… Probably won’t be all that impressive. Probably won’t have the “WOW” factor that remodeling projects do.

We sincerely invite you to think again! This spotlight moves from the “probably” to the reality. And it’s a pretty picture. These Clients’ words of praise shed some light on what a window upgrade project can achieve: “We LOVE them!” “They look so much bigger.”

Their “after” reaction is FAR from lukewarm. Clearly. But beyond the before and after, what about the DURING? (Before, during, and after, right?) At Frey, our promise is “quick and painless” work. We’re talking about painless projects for each and every Client and each and every project. Anything less will not do!

Painless is right. We were happy to capture some action shots taken during this window project. And we were happy to learn that our Clients felt many “WOW” moments came DURING the install. This is what they had to say about it…

“Wow! I can’t say enough about your incredible team of guys. Mike, Aaron, Lincz, Mox, and Greg blew us away with their talents.

Our home is 25 years old and had its original wooden windows. They were drafty and heavy. Many were difficult to open, would slide shut on their own, etc., and our patio door was starting to rot out the bottom. When we spoke to Scott Frey about our windows, we quickly fell in love with the Aeris line—vinyl exterior with real wood interior. And we can say—we LOVE THEM! The new windows look so great! Our original windows had wooden grids on them which obstructed our views. We opted for no grids on the new windows and WOW! They look so much bigger. Easy to open. No more drafty windows. Look amazing. The wood and trim was matched perfectly.

What blew us away was the installation. They don’t just pop the old window out and put in the new one. They removed the siding all around the window and installed a self-adhering flex wrap that creates an air and water barrier. They also spray foam around the window once the new window is in place. All these extra little steps make such a big impact on the longevity of the product. The saying “You get what you pay for!” is so true. Frey Construction doesn’t cut corners. In fact, they take the time the extra steps to make sure your investment lasts.

The crew really impressed us. Their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and the clean-up was incredible. And there were some extra “WOW” moments that blew us away. Mike noticed a gap in our front door and fixed it without us even knowing. They took our garbage out! They put my daughter’s blinds back up at the end of the day to respect her privacy. Such small little things that completely wowed us.

We absolutely love our new windows and patio door. But more than that, we LOVE Frey Construction and highly recommend!"