When Should You Purchase Vinyl Replacement Windows


The most expensive window you own is the one already in your house. There never is a bad time to purchase custom fit vinyl replacement windows.

What time of year is the right time to replace your windows? There really is never a wrong time, but many times, I hear homeowners saying that they want to get their windows in the late fall, just before winter.

This makes perfect sense, especially if you are living in a northern climate. As a homeowner, you want to be protected from the typical cruel winter you experience. By getting new vinyl replacement windows installed in the fall, you can count on feeling comfortable as the temperatures dip below zero.

But, we also experience some of our highest utility costs during the summer months due to the high cost of air conditioners running. Instead of waiting until fall, summer months are great months to replace your windows. You get the same benefits in the summer months as you would in the winter, better comfort and lower utility bills.

Information provided courtesy of Gorell Windows and Doors Blog: Perspectives

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