What Color Should You Paint Your Gutters?


Hot pink. Just kidding. When it comes to painting your gutters, there’s not really any right or wrong color, per se. However, there are some common guidelines regarding what color you should paint your gutters depending on whether you want them to blend in with your home or act as an accent feature.

What Color Should You Paint Your Gutters

For Gutters that Blend In

White is usually looked at as a safe color to paint your gutters because it is inconspicuous and will pretty much go with any color palette or style of home. In general, white will help your gutters blend in, especially if your home’s fascia (the board upon which the gutters are hung) is also white. However, if your fascia is a different color and you want your gutters to blend in as much as possible, you should try to match your gutters to the color of your fascia. In some cases where the fascia is one color and the home is another color, homeowners will paint the gutters to match the fascia and paint the downspout to match the house.

For Gutters that Pop Out

If, however, you don’t want your gutters to blend in with the rest of your home, but to serve as a striking accent feature, you can paint them in such a way as to create a contrast. For instance, many homeowners love the look of a crisp white house with black gutters that match the black shutters and trim. And on Tudor houses, which often feature decorative half-timbering, brown gutters look fabulous because they mimic this architectural element. Price-wise, copper gutters tend to be on the higher end, but there’s no denying their ability to add tremendous eye-catching character to a home.

For All Your Gutter Needs

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