We don't install $189 windows.


In fact, we are the company that removes the $189 windows.

Frey Construction is definitely not the cheapest home improvement company...and we're not the most expensive either. What we can say is that we promise is to be the best value with each and every project we do.

Our prices are fair and compliment the quality of materials that we use and the caliber of service we deliver. Our warranty is second to none - and most of our products are lifetime guaranteed - so our goal is to make your project - the last one you ever have to installed.

In other words, if you chose not to do business with Frey Construction, you will pay too much in the end. No one can afford to invest in the same home improvement project 10, 15, even 20 years down the road. It's not about cheap...it's about quality and service. No gimmicks, no hassling..it's about being up front, honest and reliable. You get what you pay for....

Frey Construction is not for everyone...but if you are looking to have your home improvement project done right...for the last time...look no further.

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