The Frey Construction Snake Rescue


At Frey Construction, we strive to go above and beyond for our Clients. Sometimes, we can’t help ourselves and go WAY above and beyond. And recently, four of our team members did just that. Let’s call it, “The Great Snake Rescue of 2014.”

Our Production Manager Jay Breunig, Siding Division Manager JJ Prine, and Window Division Manager Mark Frey, along with one of our Sales Consultants, Katie Cook were all at a Clients home in Middleton, WI doing a walk through for an upcoming siding, window and gutter project. While walking around the home discussing the details of the project, they noticed a snake stuck in a piece of wire fencing. JJ mastermind the rescue operation and they took it upon themselves to free the little guy and make sure he got out of there safely.

Kudos to Jay, JJ, Mark and Katie for going above and beyond and making sure the snake was freed (and away from the Clients home.) Now, that is the Frey Difference!

Snake Rescue1