the calm after the storm


In the early morning hours of September 18th, a storm swept across the Madison area, leaving hail damage to many homes. Frey Construction was the first company to respond to the neighborhoods that were in the heart of the hail damaged area. Our crews worked endlessly, walking door to door and talking to as many homeowners as possible – offering free hail inspections. Following the storm, we spoke to 422 homeowners in your area. Then, we worked with every insurance company to ensure that our clients got the fairest settlement possible.

Frey’s biggest concern: the residents of Madison, their homes, and protecting them from storm chasing companies that prey on areas that are hit by hail. We know that by covering the area that was hit, some may think that we are the storm chasing company…but that isn’t the case. We work as hard as we do to protect our community. We understand not everyone will view our efforts this way, but we can promise, if you put your faith in Frey Construction, you won’t regret it. (Just ask your neighbors!)

Every year, our area, or a neighboring community is hit with hail. And every year, we watch the dangerous storm chasers move in to the area, take advantage of area homeowners and then leave town faster than they came in - leaving many homeowners with shoddy workmanship and no warranty. So, Frey Construction has made it part of our business to be ready for a storm when it hits. Our crews are trained to inspect hail damage, negotiate with insurance companies, and install the highest quality materials to protect against future storms.

Often times after the long winter months, additional hail damage can appear after the cold temperatures, ice and snow. Frey Construction is offering free spring inspections of your home for hail damage. Whether you’ve: had work done (by Frey or another company), didn’t think you had damage (a FREE second opinion won’t hurt), or were simply waiting until spring - we would be happy to come out and take a look. We don’t want you to miss an opportunity to make a claim with your insurance company. Most insurance companies have limitations on time from the date of the hailstorm to claim insurance coverage.

Many homes received a type of hail damage that is referred to as aesthetic damage. This occurs when hailstones hit your roof and the protective granular surface of the shingle loosens. Our Wisconsin weather elements: cold, snow, and ice followed by spring rains can loosen up the shingle granules to show hail damage that didn’t show at a first glance. With the granules removed, the shingle loses some of its protection, decreasing the lifespan of the roof and making it more vulnerable to additional damage. Aesthetic damage reduces the life expectancy of your shingles to fail at a much faster rate – up to as much as 10 times faster!

Call now (608) 643.7914 and schedule a FREE inspection with one of our trained hail consultants. If we find any (or additional) hail damage we will get you an estimate of the costs, and help you negotiate your settlement with your insurance company. Frey Construction works for you and will be here for you long after the storm.

Call now (608) 643.7914 or visit our website to schedule your inspection.