Roof Repairs and Replacement on the Rise


Every year, we see an uptick in roofing calls right around the time the crocuses peek through the soil. In other words, now. This year, we expect even more calls than usual. In fact, that’s what the National Roofing Contractors Association and many economists are forecasting: Combine an unusually harsh, long winter with a (finally) improving economy, and you get a long waiting line for roof inspections, repairs, and replacement.

Hello, roof. I was beginning to think I’d never see you again.

Let’s talk about that winter. Freeze-and-thaw cycles are rough on a roof. Different materials expand and contract at different rates in response to temperature shifts. So, let’s say your complete roof system—not just the shingles—is a combination of asphalt, aluminum, and steel. That’s a common combination. Not one of these materials expands and contracts at the same rate as the others. When the temperatures go up and down, these parts will be fighting to stay attached to each other.

The newer the roof, the more flexible the adhesive and membranes, and the less likely you are to get openings between joined materials. But as the roof ages, watch out. The first signs of trouble are usually seen at flashing points. Unfixed, little splits and cracks will grow. Before you know it, you’ll be dealing with leaks and costly repairs. You might even be dealing with replacement of your roof well before the end of its expected life cycle.

Roofs have been under unusually heavy loads of snow and ice this past season. That means lots of roof-raking and higher potential for ice dams. It also means there’s higher potential for undetected damage of the ticking-time-bomb variety. Now that your roof isn’t a slippery mess of ice and snow, it’s time to have it inspected for any damage that’s been festering. And it’s best to repair it before the spring rains rear their ugly head and water your living room.

That said, remember also that as the economy improves, homeowners are more eager and able to tend to major home projects like roof replacement. And spring is one of the most popular times to do it. You’re not the only one that’s been chomping at the bit to get your home in shape for the grilling-and-gardening season ahead. In other words, don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today. The line’s already forming. Contact us today to get your roof inspected and, if necessary, repaired without a wait!