Reducing Carbon Footprint Since 2008


Frey Goes GREEN

For Frey Construction, 2008 was a year of making homes easier to maintain, "greener", more energy efficient and in some cases, just more beautiful!

In the past two years we have been recycling all of the shingles we remove during our roofing jobs. (That's a lot of shingles!) From our jobsites, we haul the old shingles to Verona...there, they are ground up and eventually used to make black top! This process helps reduce the cost of making asphalt. (A key driver in using the shingles is the price of the oil-based liquid asphalt cement, which is the basis for making blacktop or asphalt. With oil prices increasing, the use of the pulverized shingles becomes more desirable.) On top of our shingle recycling program, we also have programs in place to recycle and make sure that all scrap metal is salvaged, wood is ground up for landscaping, cardboard is recycled, vinyl siding is reclaimed and we are even in the process of setting up a window recycling program.

Not only do we take the extra steps to recycle as much of our waste as possible, we also install some of the most energy efficient materials available on the market today. In our products, we always look to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of our clients. By installing energy efficient products, and recycling our waste, we feel that not only are we doing our part in conserving waste and energy, but we are also educating our clients and installing products that will make more homes in our area more energy efficient.

The siding we most commonly install is CraneBoard insulated siding - which has all the insulation you need built right in. The windows we offer, from Gorell, have been named the as the "Energy Star Partner of the Year" for the past 5 consecutive years. With every roofing project that we complete, proper ventilation and insulation is updated and installed. And, new this year, Frey Construction has become a dealer in coal boilers.

Coal boilers are the future in heating solutions. The use of coal boilers should cut the cost to heat your home in half. Just imagine - heating your home for half of the price as LP and without the hassle of chopping wood.

For more information on all the products that can save you money in your energy bills, visit our website,, or give us a call (608) 643.7914green-logo- we'd love to share all of ways to not only improve the energy efficiency of your home, but also the appearance - and value of your home!