The Pros & Cons of Laminate Wood Flooring


There’s no denying that real hardwood floors are awesome—teeming with natural beauty, architectural charm, and historical character. But, as with most awesome things, they come with a price tag that may be off-putting if not altogether cost-prohibitive. Thankfully, there is laminate wood flooring, which allows many homeowners to achieve similar beauty, charm, and character in their homes for a fraction of the price. Laminate wood flooring has gotten somewhat of a bad rap by critics who claim it looks outdated, but we respectfully disagree. Sure, laminate wood flooring from 25 years ago may very well look 25 years old, but laminate flooring has improved so much over the past few decades that nowadays it’s often hard to tell the difference between real hardwood and wood laminate, even up close. If you’ve been debating whether wood laminate flooring is a good choice for your home, the following are some pros and cons that can help you make up your mind.

Pros & Cons of Laminate Wood Flooring


It bears repeating that laminate wood flooring is much more economical than natural hardwood floors. And, given how closely new laminate flooring replicates the real thing, for many homeowners, the choice is a no-brainer. What’s more, most homeowners can install laminate wood flooring on their own, which is another cost-saving aspect of going this route.

Wood laminate flooring is extremely low maintenance. While real hardwood floors need to be sanded and stained over time to retain a brilliant luster, all that wood laminate floors require is a quick swish with a damp mop and—voila!—they look shiny and new again. This touches on another upside of laminate wood flooring: their moisture-resistance. While real wood can often warp, swell, or rot in the face of moisture, laminate wood flooring is designed to resist water damage, which can be especially helpful if you live in an area that is prone to occasional flooding. While laminate flooring is not technically “waterproof,” it fares better than real wood in the event of massive spills, leaks, etc.


While laminate wood flooring may seem like a dream come true for many, there are some points to take into consideration when weighing your options. Despite the dramatic improvements in its appearance in the past few decades, some people insist that wood laminate flooring looks fake and falls far short of replicating the look of real wood. To this point, we would say that it’s best to go to your local home improvement store, see and handle some laminate floor panels up close, and decide for yourself whether they make the grade.

Another reason why some homeowners might not opt for laminate wood flooring is that, from an investment standpoint, it won’t add as much resale value to a home as having real hardwood floors installed. While this may be a fair point, if you don’t plan to sell your home any time soon, and have found a wood laminate floor that you absolutely love, we say—install away!

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