Low-Maintenance Kitchen Countertops


No one wants to be tirelessly cleaning their countertops after every small foray in the kitchen. That’s why many homeowners are interested in low-maintenance kitchen countertops. It simply means one less thing to worry about, and that can be a huge sigh of relief for any busy homeowner. Below is a list of the most popular kitchen countertop materials that are considered to be “low-maintenance.”

Low-Maintenance Kitchen Countertops


This countertop material carries a low price tag and is available in an endless combination of colors and patterns. And, since it is non-porous, it is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Stainless Steel

The benefit is right there in the name. It is resistant to stains from all types of materials and can be easily cleaned with mild soap products.


Quartz is a common countertop material for its eye-catching beauty. And, as an added bonus, its non-porous surface is also incredibly easy to clean.

Recycled Glass

As a relatively new product, many homeowners are unaware of this material. It can be great for creating a unique aesthetic and can be cleaned with a simple wipe down thanks to its smooth, non-porous surface.

Whatever surface you ultimately decide on is up to you. But, if you still have questions, feel free to consult with the kitchen remodeling experts at Frey Construction. Locally owned and operated since 1995, we are the last word in kitchen remodeling and we would like to add you to our long list of satisfied customers. You’ll b’ glad to know that our design-build process will be tailored to your unique needs, which means less headache for you and a perfect new kitchen that you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come. Contact Frey Construction today to set up a free consultation.