Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Trends!


Our Remodeling Consultants absolutely love helping our Clients turn their outdated kitchens into dream kitchens. To stay ahead of the game, we're constantly researching the upcoming trends so we can continually be providing our Clients with new and fresh ideas.

Here are the top 10 kitchen remodeling trends we're finding with our Clients:

  1. Grey or White Cabinets
    While white cabinets are still the #1 choice, grey is gaining popularity and giving white a run for the #1 spot. Either way, we love them both!
  2. Creative Storage Solutions
    This trend isn’t anything new, people want to make the most out of the space they have. Storage solutions have come a long way and the ideas and options are endless! A step beyond the traditional lazy susan, which are still popular, we’re talking pull outs, spice racks, and utilizing space that has traditionally not been used.
  1. Plugged In
    Staying charged and connected has become a part of every day it’s become a part of kitchen design to incorporate a charging station within the kitchen.
  1. Get Out of the Kitchen
    Most of our initial design consultations revolve around one key element...REMOVE THAT WALL! People want open spaces and want their kitchen to be open to the other parts of their home. No one wants to feel trapped in the kitchen, so by removing walls and creating more open spaces, we are able to create a design that works for entertaining, families and every day life!
  1. Island Oasis
    Kitchen islands have been a popular trend for years, but as they tend to be the gathering hot-spot in almost every home, we’re finding Clients are wanting more features built into their island: pop-up outlets, pull out fridge drawers, built-in microwave ovens, etc. And with kitchen islands, bigger is better!
  1. No Wrong Counter Choice
    When it comes to choosing counter tops, the options are endless, and all amazing. From granite to quartz to laminate, the color selections and choices offer accent to any palette and price range. With our Clients, we’re finding Quartz has become the #1 choice in counter tops, with its easy maintenance and durability, and companies like Cambria are coming out with more design styles to mimic granite and other stones.
  1. Black is Back
    Stainless Steel continues to be the top choice for appliance finishes, but we’re starting to see a lot of interest in BLACK stainless steel. Aside from the traditional appliances, we’re also seeing more interest in convection microwaves, which provides the convenience of a microwave, but offers the option of a second oven when needed.
  1. There’s a app for that!
    As with everything these days...there is an app for that! “Smart” technology is making its way into kitchens every where, most of which can be controlled by your phone! Scan in your receipt after shopping to keep an inventory of what is in your fridge, control your oven temperature from your phone...but we won’t be impressed until they can do the dishes as well!
  1. Splash of Pizazz
    One thing is for certain, the popularity of kitchen backsplashes is still going strong. The options are endless: layout, texture, color....and a great way to add color and design to your kitchen. Updating or implementing a new kitchen backsplash also makes for a dramatic update in any kitchen remodel!
  1. Under the Hood
    Range hoods have become a focal point in a lot of kitchen remodels. The designs for hoods have developed to appeal to a wide variety of designs. No matter what your design taste, you’ll be able to find a design that adds flair to your kitchen design.