Choosing Kitchen Counters


What are the best options for kitchen counters? Granite, Quartz and Laminate OH MY! There are so many choices when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. One of the big choices...what kind of kitchen counters should you choose?

We recently did a feature with, and Jenn, one of our Remodeling Consultants shares her insight with some of the kitchen counter options that are popular today.

We have choices that are popular, and we also work through options and pricing to find what works best for each and every budget. What are the pros and cons of Granite? Quartz...hmm..what's that? Laminate - I like the price on that! Regardless of your budget, we'll find a way to make your dream kitchen a reality!

When it comes to choosing counter tops, the options are endless, and all amazing. From granite to quartz to laminate, the color selections and choices offer accent to any palette and price range.

Granite continues to be a top choice as well. Granite kitchen counters offer a look of elegance and beauty. We love the look of granite, especially with the different variations found in each and every piece. The biggest drawbacks to granite kitchen counters is the higher price tag, as well as the maintenance of sealing them from time to time. Because they are a natural stone, it is a porous material, that can soak up stains. By sealing the stone, you won't have to worry about staining.

Quartz, while it is also a natural stone. Quartz kitchen counters are engineered with a resin so that they are non-porous and won't need the maintenance of sealing. With our Clients, we’re finding Quartz has become the #1 choice in counter tops, with its easy maintenance and durability, and companies like Cambria are coming out with more design styles to mimic granite and other stones.

Solid Surface
Solid surface kitchen counters are a durable, man-made acrylic option. Corian is the best known brand of solid surface counters. A wide range of colors and finishes are available! One of the features of solid-surface counters is the ability to have an integrated sink, so the counter and sink are one seamless piece of material.

Laminate kitchen counters are the most inexpensive option and offer tons of different finishes and variations. Some are made to look like natural stone, so you can have the look of stone, without the high price tag and maintenance!