Kitchen Remodel | Merrimac, WI


We are featuring a beautiful kitchen remodel for Bob and Jane Wandry of Merrimac. Jenn and Stacey, our remodeling consultants, first met with Bob and Jane back in April. At that time they described their hopes and dreams for this potential space. They wanted to open it all up into the dining room so more light could pass through the entire space and they desired a better, more functional area. The major dilemma in their old kitchen was a wall that divided the kitchen from the dining room, which in turn divided the kitchen from the rest of the house. The space was awkward and in need of a face lift. Poor Jane had to peer through a hole in the wall to the dining room when she worked at the sink. Bob and Jane also loved to entertain. They enjoyed getting the whole group together to play cards, but the old kitchen left no room for everyone to gather in one space.

Jenn and Stacey got right to work. They produced a number of different arrangements for the kitchen. They twisted and turned and flipped and flopped the layout of the space until Jane and Bob found a kitchen design that worked best for them. Jenn and Stacey also produced some color 3D renderings of the new space, which really helped Jane see the “big picture”.

Once the layout was chosen, we only needed to overcome a few obstacles. One challenge was the main wall that was to be removed was a load bearing wall. With the help of our lead carpenters, we were able to redirect the support in that area by tying the beam up to the rafters. With the major problem wall out of the way, we were able to change the focus of the room from an awkward dividing wall to an open and spacious area, filled with beautiful custom cabinetry. Bob and Jane chose a Rustic Alder for their cabinets - this warm and cozy wood choice tied in very nicely with the laminate tile flooring and luxurious Pionite laminate countertops that they chose. We also included subtle accents of oil rubbed bronze lighting fixtures, faucets and hardware to dress up the space.

In the end the Wandry’s were very happy with the work we did in their kitchen - they even had us do a few smaller projects around there house. They thoroughly enjoyed working with both Jenn and Stacey on the designs as well as our carpenters on a day to day basis.

Check out what they had to say: "(I chose to contract with you because you are) a trusted company with super nice employees. We trust Frey to do a great job in a timely manner. The crew are super people! Jenn and Stacey were the best to work with, without them I don't think I could have gone through a remodel at the time we did. We will continue to refer Frey to others and also ourselves in the future!"

~Bob and Jane Wandry, Merrimac, WI 53561

(Remodel, July 2011)