Kitchen Design & FLIP in Middleton


We’re pleased and excited to tell you about a recent project, a beautiful remodel that checks the boxes for joy and functionality alike!

Our Clients approached us with a problem common to many kitchens. We’re talking about storage space. As in, not enough! Meanwhile, their home’s unused living room was just that: unused, extra. Ideally, the redo would add where there wasn’t enough, and take away where there was too much…

After a thorough assessment, our team presented various options for the remodel. Each would increase the home’s functionality while enhancing its overall aesthetic. The Clients chose a total transformation! We would work with them to completely relocate and redesign the kitchen!

This big decision freed us to revamp the entire kitchen into a more open and inviting area, one with more than ample storage space (of course). With meticulous planning, we successfully redirected plumbing and gas lines through the flooring of the previously sunken living room. This strategic approach ensured a seamless transition that did not impact the finished basement.

We know the pictures cannot capture every detail… The “messy” pantry is now a storage hub, discreetly hidden from view, with plenty of room for organizing and storing supplies and small appliances. And the generous butler’s pantry emerged as a showpiece, combining elegance with practicality. New countertop, cabinetry, lighting, and appliances further cinch the area’s workhorse-wow blue ribbons.

Our commitment to detail extended to architectural elements as well. The new angled archway leading into the butler’s pantry seamlessly matches those throughout the rest of the home. It’s all about ensuring and creating visual harmony, all about achieving a cohesive design throughout the space.

We also remodeled a powder room on the main floor, repeating the color scheme from the rest of the revamp. Finally, new LVP flooring throughout the main floor ties it all together. And both straight and herringbone patterns break up the floor design in the existing living room/family room.

What a project! And far more than just a “project,” this remodel was a collaborative journey. One that resulted in a space where form meets function with elegance. We are delighted to have played a part in transforming the space to reflect our Clients’ lifestyle and showcase their aesthetic preferences. We are delighted that we could help bring their vision to life!