Is it Cheaper to Paint or Replace Kitchen Cabinets?


Generally speaking, unless you are planning to use some kind of rare, artisanal handmade paint that contains specks of actual gold dust, it will be cheaper to paint your existing kitchen cabinets than to replace them altogether. For starters, you can repaint your cabinets yourself, which makes this a popular option among DIY enthusiasts. So, not only will you save on the cost of labor, but buying a few cans of paint and some brushes is much cheaper than buying new cabinets. Even if you do decide to hire a professional painter to complete the project, the cost of labor will probably be less expensive than if you paid somebody to replace your cabinets.

Cheaper to Paint or Replace Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting is also usually a much quicker way to transform your kitchen. It can be done in one day—maybe even just a few hours—whereas removing your existing cabinets, disposing of them, and installing new ones can take a while. Even if you have to sand or resurface your existing cabinets before you’re able to paint them, this option is usually the best for homeowners who have very small budgets, time restraints, or both. Moreover, if you repaint your cabinets on a whim, and you’re not totally pleased with the way they came out, you can paint them a different color, or strip the paint and return them to the way they were. Whereas, if you replace your cabinets and then fall out of love with them, it will be more expensive and much more involved to make a change.

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