From shingles to pavement | Frey Recycles!


Our business is home improvements...but we make it our business to take care of the home of our homes...the EARTH!

Frey Construction is dedicated to going the extra mile to protect the environment by recycling as much of our construction materials and waste as possible. Construction waste is a major problem in landfills, so Frey Construction takes a much different approach than most other home improvement companies. Rather than hauling project waste to landfills, Frey Construction recycles everything possible from our job sites. Recycling has become a big part of our company philosophy.

Frey Construction & Home Improvement was one of the very first companies in the Madison area to begin recycling shingles. Many other companies have now jumped on board, which we’ve been very happy to see. Waste shingles from Frey Construction’s job sites are recycled and reprocessed for use in hot mix asphalt. This recycled shingle product is used in new road and parking lot construction all over Wisconsin.

Frey Construction & Home Improvement’s focus on recycling is just one part of a larger philosophy. In recent years, some contractors have begun paying more attention to the impact they have on the environment. We are definitely one of those companies. In addition to our commitment to waste reduction and recycling, Frey Construction is also dedicated to providing superior energy efficiency. We only install the best windows on the market and use top-quality roofing and siding in many of our remodeling projects. Over 90% of our construction waste is currently recycled, but we continue to do everything possible to keep the rest out of landfills.

Most construction companies simply don’t consider their impact on the environment, we do. And that’s why we’re the right choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner. We’re here for the long run, we care about the impact we you?