Dome FULL House Design + Remodel


We LOVE all of our remodel projects. Each is special and important, often with new or unique “hiccups” inherent along the way. Code changes, product availability, unforeseen challenges, you name it...we see it all! That’s why we make sure our Designers and Carpenters are masters in their crafts. Design. Construction. Project management. Our hard-working teams can handle it all!

When this truly unique project came our way, our Design Team was REALLY excited to seize the opportunity. This DOME HOUSE was getting a full overhaul! We’re talking main level, loft, and basement. Including kitchen, laundry, and three bathrooms!

Central to the original home is a beautiful circular wood stove and super-tall chimney. Everything else was updated. Windows, doors, roofing, siding, electrical, and more. We completely gutted each level of the home. Next, we insulated the exterior walls with spray foam before installing drywall in ALL of those triangles. With few straight walls or ceilings, this was an amazing challenge. But, it was SO worth it!

The photos show how we were able to maximize the space and bring together some pretty incredible design finishes. We‘re especially partial to the various shades of the green color palette that our Clients chose throughout. (And many of us are GREEN with envy.) As you can see…absolutely stunning!

What a fun project! We are proud to have been a part of this extensive remodel, one that will be remembered fondly by our entire team.

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