Does Your Home Breathe Properly? Find out with our thermal imaging and insulation inspection!


Are some areas of your home cold in the winter? Hot in the summer? Sick of it? If you’re answering “Yes. Yes. Yes!” you’re not alone…

Your house—like the human body—is a complex system of components that must work together. And just as with the human body, your home needs to breathe efficiently via a complex and complete system of components. The foundation requires a total team effort!

Wouldn’t it be great to actually see exactly where your home skips a beat, where it falls short? To actually see all the areas needing improvement? In just minutes, and without tearing the house apart? Again, we can hear your “Yes. Yes. Yes!”

Drum roll… Allow us to introduce our cutting-edge thermal imaging technology. With it, you will observe—actually see—temperature variations throughout your home, wherever they might occur. You will see areas of air exchange as well. (We’re talking about air leaking in, and air leaking out.) This “diagnostic” process is truly streamlined because our thermal imaging “doctors” do house calls!

Armed with this information about your home’s health, you will know with confidence exactly what areas need attention. After all, if your home is improperly insulated and sealed, the fresh air that does enter turns into something else! It is “polluted” as it travels through old insulation, through light fixture openings, and through vents polluted with dust, dirt, and even mold. Do you think it’s a good idea to breathe that concoction? Yuck!

By sealing your home properly, fresh outdoor air enters where it should, through your furnace and attic intake, not through leaky walls or around windows (and the possibilities go on). The fresh air then flows throughout the space the way it should, via an efficient ventilation system. Your home—and your body—are healthier when both can exhale through that same proactive and efficient ventilation and exhaust system.

It may be less than exciting to properly insulate and seal your home. But the results are exciting! Because fewer harmful pollutants are inside your house, you feel better because you can breathe better. And because less outside air is sneaking in, you spend fewer energy dollars to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s a win-win. No question!

At Frey Construction, we’re ready to help ensure that your home’s environment is durable and safe so you can breathe easy. We’re ready to help you reduce your energy bills! Call us today (608.643.7914) to schedule your FREE professional “house call” with a thermal imaging and insulation specialist. We look forward to hearing from you!


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