Do Your Research...and Get What You Pay For!


We’re hearing all the time in the media how green materials, Energy Star qualified products, and home renovations will save us money and energy. The “green movement” has exploded, and green products are advertised everywhere TV, newspapers and the Internet. Every company says their products are energy efficient and good for the environment and this makes it difficult to choose, as consumers, when purchasing major home-improvement items, such as windows. So what’s the best way to decide which products really are the best value for your money?

Do your research. See what different groups and organizations such as Energy Star, the DOE, or various research facilities or universities have to say. What savings or benefits do they estimate you will receive from window replacement or another home improvement? Do be cautious, however. The old axiom still applies. Don’t believe everything you read. That’s why it’s important to get positions or opinions from several organizations or knowledgeable individuals and to be sure the data you’re studying applies to your climate area.

The bottom line? Most everyone agrees that any renovation such as windows, doors, insulation, etc. that makes your home more energy efficient WILL save you dollars on energy bills. It remains simply a question of how much will you save in your specific case? Just do your homework and decide which type of improvement and which specific product will provide the best savings for your home. Keep your expectations real, and buy smart and you’ll be a happy customer!

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