Different Types of Home Siding


We’ve all heard it since grade school—it’s what’s on the inside that counts—but when it comes to your home, the stuff on the outside is equally important. Home siding is a major component of any home, not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but also from a functional standpoint. The type of siding you outfit your home with can affect things such as energy efficiency, fire safety, and how much upkeep is required to keep your home looking great. Below are a few different types of home siding, and some of the features and benefits associated with each type.

Different Types of Home Siding


Vinyl is the most popular type of siding on homes in the U.S. for a number of reasons. First of all, it is very cost-effective. Secondly, it is available in virtually any color imaginable and is pretty easy to install. Insulated vinyl siding also provides an extra layer of protection against heat transfer, helping your home stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding is made of a mixture of sand, cement, and wood fibers, and is incredibly durable. The panels are designed to look like real wood, but unlike wood, it doesn’t require upkeep, will resist infestation by insects, and is fire retardant, making it one of the safer home siding options on the market.


Wood siding may require more upkeep than the previous two siding types, but many homeowners see this as a small price to pay for the unmatched beauty that it offers. Especially with older homes, real wood siding can offer significant historical character, and, because it can be stained or painted multiple times, you have the flexibility to change up your home’s exterior color whenever you want.


Stone siding is chic, rustic, and literally rock-solid. Not only can stone siding stand up to anything Mother Nature can dish out, but it offers natural beauty and style that few other types can compete with. Nowadays, there are also many great faux stone siding options that can help you achieve this classic look and get this level of durability with a more economical price tag.

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